STT and Cross Point Group have the mission to lighten all customers needs, that is why we love the challenge to create any time innovation.

Apart from LegoLED®, patented standard we develop everyday new lighting project starting from clients specification or we study with them any part of the project from scratch or just ideas.

The customized project design is a key part in STT and Cross Point product development, the R&D department is prepared to deal with different issues, to ensure the best solutions in the implementation of the product and certify the different project phases.

Any specific design or engineer drawing is transformed and tested in to real product.

Thanks to 3D mechanical design it is possible to evaluate and verify the interaction with other parts of the product and prevent any problems.

While with both Hardware and Software Electronic Design can offer the best interaction with the end user of the product. The joint development of the mechanics and electronics, allowing seamless integration and capabilities optimization.

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