LegoLED® was founded in 2001 in Desio Italy as a division of Cross Point to meet the growing demand of innovative products based on LED technology.

Energy Saving and optimization of operating costs are the key words that characterizes the activities since the beginning of LegoLED®'s activity.
The lighting by LED technology, thanks to LegoLED®, provides the best combination of aesthetics of Italian design, functionality and economy.

The range of products LegoLED® is characterized by versatility of applications and high-tech. From Retail to Workplaces in all different types, from the Pool to Lifts, from standard Shops to Public and Entertainment locals, including Hotels and SPA, without neglecting Private Homes, every space, illuminated by LegoLED® systems, appears under the ideal light.
All LegoLED® products are RoHS Compliant and answers the demand for efficiency and energy costs saving.

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